Our Products

We are manufacturers of exquisite handmade dolls and toys. Our product offerings fall under two main categories :

Folk & Traditional : The products under this category primarily represent mythological and folk characters. With decades of experience in making dolls and puppets out of wood, we take every minute detail into account when creating our artworks. We strive our best to spread tradition, folk and culture of India through our unique gifting solutions like fridge magnets, paperweights, pen stands etc. Every single of these products are carefully handcrafted to perfection and are great choices for home decor or a gift for someone who can appreciate the rich heritage of India. Although we use multiple medium to make these products, we mainly use eco friendly paper mache to make these dolls and their dimensions vary between 2 to 8 inches in height.

Under this category we also make traditional dolls/puppets that depict mythological events generally depicted in the Ramayana , Bhagavata or the Mahabharata. Creations like Rama pattabhisheka , Radha-Krishna on a jhoola are a few of our more popular artworks. We also make dolls that depict traditional attires of different states of India. These dolls are generally about 1.5 feet tall.

Contemporary : Our Contemporary products are focussed more in bringing fun and joy to children. These are contemporary puppets, fridge magnets of popular characters etc.

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