Our Journey

The Journey of a thousand miles starts wit a single step they say…

Albert Einstein once told “Creativity is intelligence having fun!

For an artist those words derive true inspiration , a zeal to push the limits as well as the courage to bring their deepest ideas to reality. We at Puthali Toys have aspired to be on a life altering journey, both for ourselves as well as to everybody who come in touch with our creations. Art for us has been a continuous form of expression that is fuelled by the learnings that we amass from our every-day interactions with people across various diaspora and genres.Representing a lineage of four generations of puppeteers and artists, it was just a matter of time for PUTHALI TOYS to officially come into being in 2009. With every single handmade product that reaches our customers, we take a step further towards our vision “to make people of all generations curious and interested in traditional Indian handicraft by making the artefacts both appealing and useful”
When you buy a product from Puthali Toys you not only support livelihood of an artisan directly but also do your bit to handhold a piece of Indian tradition in the form of an artefact for many more years to come. Puthali Toys has been a one stop shop for not just traditional creations that we design and sell, but also a place where you could come with your designs and have them created as a merchandise.

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